About wat? Apparel

Who we are

wat? Apparel is a fashion label based in Rhineland-Palatinate directly on the border with Hesse. The abbreviation "wat" is derived from "what about tee", to translate in American slang as "how about a t-shirt".

The label was founded in 2010 by me, Ben Wildner, Senior Art Director online / mobile, with the approach of fair clothing at fair prices. In order to be able to enforce this credo, we had already decided on the "dahoam" (home) production site from the start. We don't do what we can't do ourselves.
Of colors and machines

Starting with a self-made four-color screen printing carousel, T-shirts and other textiles were printed with water-based and Oeko-Tex standard certified colors. Four years later, we switched to the even more environmentally friendly printing method DTG (direct to garment) and invested in our first Epson SC-F2000 printer.

Here, the basic function is printed directly on the textile in the CMYKW color space, similar to a conventional inkjet printer. When making the purchase, we made sure to choose the manufacturer from whom the printer works the most environmentally friendly and is therefore wonderfully involved in our guiding principle.

Again, the color used is Oeko-Tex Standard certified, it is biocompatible and moreover breathable. There is no committee during production and we therefore work extremely economically and above all sustainably.

It's just a t-shirt

No. As summed up very well in Fashion Revolution Week, buying a piece of clothing is always a political statement. When buying, you decide whether you want to take an event like the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh in 2013 or whether you want to do something about such abuses.

So out of Bangladesh with the production?

No way! You have to finally shake off the negative feeling of the word "Bangladesh". Because what would have been absolutely wrong to let this shaken country down and to shift production to other countries. By selling each of our T-shirts, we ensure fair working conditions in the factories and help fight the dangerous cheap-is-cool industry. We are on the right track, but we still have a lot of work to do. You can help. Not tomorrow or sometime.

NOW! Because you don't just buy a T-shirt from us. You buy a piece of a better world!

Where do you get the shirts from?

We are now working very closely with our manufacturer Stanley / Stella. Stanley / Stella is based in Brussels / Belgium and has production in so-called fair factories in and around Dakha / Bangladesh. 16 Stanley / Stella employees are on site every day and monitor working conditions and quality. You can find out more about Stanley / Stella here: Stanley / Stella, quality and certifications, the company philosophy

Any questions?

We are happy to answer your questions if you want to know more. Just write an email to b2b@watapparel.de and we will get back to you. :)