How to order & faq

So you are a business, then feel free to sign up an account and place your first order.

Order minimum amount & your first order

With your first order you should reach a minimum of €500,00 in total. If you can not go that high, please contact us first via email or give us a quick call at +49 6432 / 924 23 36 to sort this out, we will find a way. With your second order and above you are able to order smaller amounts.

After your order & payment

You order with paymant on account. 48h after you placed your order you will receive an order confirmation with details like production time, items you ordered and payment conditions for example. Then we start the production, refine it and ship it to you.

Are you a new customer to wat? Apparel? Then we charge 50% from your first order as a deposit with the order confirmation. With your ordered items you'll receive an invoice with a 30 days payment target. 3% skonto are deductible for payments within the first 10 days.

Product images

The product image shows you primarily the design and you choose additionaly the shirt color and the size. We keep it simple with these images, but feel free to contact us if you need a design shown on a certain shirt color and we will sort it out for you.

A design is not shown on a shirt color you want

No problemo. As you may know we print your ordered shirts on demand, you can go creative by choosing what design you want on what shirt color.

Write us an email or give us a quick call at +49 6432 / 924 23 36 before you order.

More questions?

Let us know, write an email :)